Cancellation Policy

You may cancel The Booking at any time provided you do so in writing to Come & Stay Ltd or via the Booking Platform (Including but not limited to Airbnb, VRBO, Plum Guide).

If you have cancelled via a Booking Platform, then the cancellation policy will be set out, in detail on their website.

If you have booked directly with, Come & Stay Ltd, we offer a full refund of the holiday rental fee, until eleven days prior to the beginning of your stay. Between ten and seven days we offer a 50% refund. Between six and three days we offer a 75% refund. After three days, we are unable to offer a refund but may look to rearrange your stay for a later date should we be able to obtain another booking to replace your cancelled booking.

Late cancellation refunds may be issued in full for special circumstances, including but not limited to, a pandemic, a natural disaster, political or national emergencies. Come & Stay Ltd. do not operate any scheme of cancellation or travel insurance and you should obtain your own insurance cover for your stay.

Come & Stay Ltd. reserves the right to cancel The Booking at any time in the event of circumstances beyond the reasonable control of business (including, but not limited to, a natural disaster, a pandemic, urgent repair and / or maintenance work), or if in the reasonable opinion of The Owner(s), it is necessary to offer a suitable alternative holiday. If no such alternative holiday is agreed between us, (The Guest and Come & Stay Ltd) then Come & Stay Ltd. will refund in full all money received by us for The Booking. Come & Stay Ltd. will not otherwise be liable for any loss incurred by you because of the cancellation.

Change of Booking

Come & Stay Ltd. will endeavour to assist you in the transfer of a booking to an alternative date at your request. Should this request be made within ten days of The Holiday, an administration charge of £30 may be applied, in addition to any increased rent due on the alternative dates.

Should this transfer of a booking be due to an event outside of your control, then we will consider removing the administration charge.

Changes may not be accepted within 1 week of the start date of The Holiday. If a change results in a reduction in the length of the holiday it will be regarded as a cancellation.